Date Coders


DM 1100A/B


Adopting Demac core technology, ensuring the stability and clarify of the prints.

Adopting the updated temperature control system, which has more than 10 years longer service life than temperature control watch design.

Adopting Industrial-grade key panel can be used more than 300000 times.
Adopting friendly and simple operation interfaces, ensuring the user can learn to operate quickly.

DM-1100B supports the encoder mode to achieve synchronous tracking printing, which is suitable for frequent downtime, speed change packing applications.


Ink Roll Coder MY-380F


MY380F ink roll coder is automatic separated paper automatic counting, automatic positioning and the high coding speed.

Code content and code position can be set freely, Reliable performance, clear printing, speed adjustable, photoelectric control, automatic counting.

Widely used in paper bags, paper label, plastic bags, paper cards, plastic tags and printing production date, expiry date, ba


Date Coder spare parts


Date coder machines or their parts we provide are on very economical prices with Standard Stainless Steel. You can change the printing color according to your need. Warranty for 12 months. Printing clearly, fast, reliable.