Troy T7 Legend


T7 Micro CIJ(Continuous Ink Jet) System is Troy’s newest product for high precision marking printer. It has the basic specification of T7 and features with specially designed components that enable to work the most accurate and precised character printing. Its 40 micron ruby nozzle precisly controls the ink drops to print very small characters on exact spots. The precision and technology of Troy c


T7 Troy


• T-DEP (TROY Dual Ejector Pump)
• Advanced and Efficient T-Manifolder
• T-PNB(TROY Permanent Nozzle Block)
• Simple Ink and Makeup Refill
• 4″ TFT LCD Touch Panel
• Real-time Monitoring and Alarm Function
• Easy-to-use Icon User Interface
• Large Capacity Ink Reservoir
• Integrated Single PCB
• Nozzle Block Assembly
• NEMA4 (IP65) Design
• User Friendly Application & Installation